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The No Nonsense Group

The No Nonsense Group are "location" specialists, using digital channels to increase traffic through owned, paid and earned media. Clients range from boutique hotels, to hotel management companies to tourist attractions. They all have the same goal: Awareness = Traffic = Footfall = Revenue.

The No Nonsense Group is one of Durban's leading digital direct marketing agencies... having founded in 1996 in London, and opening a Durban office in 2003. TNNG has led the way in integrating direct marketing tactics into digital channels.

We are friends with Google. From Google Advertising Network, SEO, Google+, Google Maps to Google My Business. That's why Google have made us Google Partners.

We are Facebook pioneers. From starting Facebook Places (before Business Manager was around), using location based marketing on Facebook Advertising Network through our product called GeoClick to award winning social strategies that keep guests coming back.

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