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Gerrit Vermeulen

I'm Gerrit Vermeulen, a software developer, photographer, and dancer from Cape Town. Most of my day is spent building products to help make people's lives a little bit better. The rest of my time I'm trying to tell a story. Sometimes it is my story, and that's when you'll find me on the dance floor to the sounds of Salsa, Kizomba, and Bachata. Other times I am behind the camera trying to tell the story of dancers, their lives, and their love of the music and dance.

Expertise Photography

My photography services include event-, travel-, and lifestyle photography. On my website you'll find examples of my event photography which is centred around dance events, which often include a show component. My work there involves fast-moving subjects in very low-light environments, where I aim to capture the emotion expressed by individuals.

I'm an avid traveller and have shot events in South Africa, Turkey, and Ukraine. A portfolio of my travel photography is available on request.

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