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Coastal Hospitality Consulting

B&B Coaching, Hospitality marketing, Public Relations & Relief Management

At Coastal Hospitality Consulting, we provide affordable and reliable advice and assistance to Guest Houses, B&B's, Backpackers and hostels, Self-Catering establishments and Tourism related businesses.

We work closely with the owners and management teams to best utilize your service offering more effectively and strategically. The value of our service offering lies in having access to experts in the Hospitality Industry with invaluable operation experience. We focus on marketing, website management and brand awareness to boost sales & occupancy and to equip the teams with Digital Marketing skills to improve their online presence using the Billboard Effect.

Excellent service is the Hospitality Consultant's primary objective, thus we analyze the overall service experience with a fine eye for detail to identify shortcomings and areas for improvement and guide you step by step to reach your full potential, setting you up for success, resulting in an increase of occupancy. We also offer our Relief Management services to manage your property when you are not able to.

Coastal Hospitality Consulting

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