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Briony Chisholm

I’m a 40-ahem-year old woman and have been living in Cape Town for the past 20 years. For the past six years I have been doing copywriting and proofreading after hours, and been a pharmacist (information, mainly in the field of HIV) in working hours. For twelve years prior to that, I was a full-time information pharmacist. I have now swapped roles and gone into writing full-time, with a little information pharmacy on the side, to keep my hand in.

Expertise Copywriting

I Write. I Proofread. I travel. I blog. I Facebook. I eavesdrop. I write stories. Some are real, others not. I do it all in a wheelchair. This, I mention last, specifically. Most of my writing is not about it, but if you’re looking for accessibility shop talk, I’m in the know.

I have written on a broad range of subjects: from safari websites to travel blogs; copy for pharmaceutical package inserts to craft beers; internet dating to bag-piping; and more. My proofreading experience encompasses business reports, scientific papers and proofreading/user-testing various websites.

After travelling for six months last year, and staying at 60 different places in SA, I have trawled over 800 websites of hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs, resorts, lodges and game farms. I can now tell you exactly what you need (and don’t need!) on an accommodation website, in order to attract guests and get those bookings in. And I adore travelling and travel writing.

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